2 day Drawing Workshop at Kykuit, the Rockefeller Estate. Click on the link below for more information


This will be a drawing intensive workshop designed to challenge and strengthen the student’s drawing abilities. We will use Kykuit as a backdrop and visit an array of locations to focus on different aspects of drawing and learn how to capture a sense of structure, light and shadow, environment, and atmosphere.  Working from life in a series will allow us to capture and consider moments from different vantage points and to explore themes. Location drawing is about observation, response, clarity and memory. Students will be encouraged to experiment, play, compose, deconstruct and then construct in order to access moments of discovery.

Source: https://mailchi.mp/rbf/a-drawing-and-water...

New Drawing Intensive class!

Drawing Intensive - “Exploring Coney Island through Drawing and Storytelling”
Dates: June 19 - 30
Hours: 9:00 - 5:00 pm
10 sessions - 70 hours of instructional time by both of the faculty
Carol Fabricatore, Painter, Illustrator. carolfabricatore.com   
Core Faculty in the MFA-Illustration as Visual Essay program at SVA for over 20 years, besides teaching in various SVA undergraduate programs.

Marie A. Roberts, Painter, Artist in Residence at the not for profit arts center, Coney Island, USA.  bitterwonder.com  
Creating/painting all of the sideshow banners
Professor of Art at Fairleigh Dickinson University for over 20 years
-  Faculty will work full time with each individual to facilitate the realization of the work for the class. 
-  Challenge and strengthen your drawing abilities. 
-  Includes all entry fees.
-  You will draw Coney Island Side Show performers, in the Coney Island Museum, on the boardwalk and at the New York Aquarium and more. 
-  There will be guest speakers, presentations, and demonstrations on using brush pens, inks, dip pens, charcoal, watercolor and more.
-  Discover stories that happen here and go behind the scenes of this diverse and unique cultural area. 
-  Look behind the scenes of sites like the Wonder Wheel and Williams Candy.  
-  Make Coney Island your backdrop to create drawings on location.
-  Work directly from observation, drawing rapidly and energetically in sketchbooks to communicate what is essential about the subject.